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Greyson Gray: Deadfall (Greyson Gray Series, #3) B.C. Tweedt

Greyson Gray: Deadfall (Greyson Gray Series, #3)

B.C. Tweedt

Kindle Edition
404 pages
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 About the Book 

After an unbelievable attack leaves the nation reeling, the FBI forces Greyson and his friends into seclusion, where they must deal with the heart-wrenching memories of the attack while hiding from vicious enemies bent on revenge.But Greyson cant hide for long. A new hope spurs him on as he escapes and travels across the country, stopping at nothing to find his father. When his plans unravel, he must survive as a fugitive, hunted by terrorists in an increasingly hostile and divided country, aided only by the contents of his fanny pack, a stray dog, and his ceaseless daring spirit.Greyson’s adventure explodes with an epic journey, frightening battles, and a soul-searching tale of survival that brings him face to face with a dangerous world that is not always what it seems. Greyson must fight harder than he has ever fought before to prevent another terrifying plot that no one sees coming – a Deadfall.