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Georg Büchner: Woyzeck Georg Büchner

Georg Büchner: Woyzeck

Georg Büchner

ISBN : 9783598114571
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 About the Book 

This book and CD-ROM edition documents and discusses the unique manuscripts of Georg Büchners most important work: Woyzeck. In this publication the documents, some of which are very fragile and illegible, are completely deciphered. In addition, 46 facsimiles of originals and their transcriptions are presented facing each other, on opposite pages and are supplemented by diverse drawings and photographs. A detailed commentary is provided and includes graphic (and on the CD-ROM, also coloured) elements. The individual steps taken to decipher the material are segmented and presented with optical clarity, and followed by an emended text, in which individual spelling mistakes have been corrected and many word skeletons have been filled out in a way that makes them graphically distinct. Further, it makes numerous editorial decisions understandable and thoroughly justifiable. The work is rounded off by a complete reading text, free of comments and emphasis. The accompanying CD-ROM offers the possibility of searching for words even more easily and comfortably than in the book edition. Through additional hyperlinks the historical development of each working step can be presented either backwards or forwards, as desired. The present edition offers fundamentally new insights from research on Buchner. For the second edition the contents and editing of this work have been revised and improved: in the introduction the latest research is taken into account, comments and suggestions following the first edition were taken up and the dating has now all but been confirmed. The accompanying CD-ROM has been completely revised, using a considerably altered user interface and opening new links andnavigation possibilities.