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The Ikon: A Greek Island Thriller Gary Van Haas

The Ikon: A Greek Island Thriller

Gary Van Haas

Published May 20th 2000
ISBN : 9789609135405
217 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Artist Gary Hanson is commissioned by an unscrupulous art dealer to produce a replica of a w orld-famous Ikon on the Greek island of Tinos. But while on Mykonos Island nearby, he learns some disturbing news regarding his close friend John Ralston, who was also commissioned to forge another masterpiece, and has suffered a mysterious breakdown as a result. Sceptical by what happened, Garth decides to investigate and he finds himself led down a treacherous road of murder, betrayal and deception, for he is suddenly plunged into a world of deceit and fear, where fact and fallacy become confusing and surreal. With no one to turst, Garth becomes obsessed in discovering the real truth behind the Ikon - a terrible, ancient secret that if revealed, could change the world as we know it The Ikon is a mind-boggling, tense thriller currently being adapted for the big screen.